First Round of Abstract Submission Ends: Apr 30, 2024
Extended Early Bird Ends: Jan 28, 2024


Dr. Muhammad Tahir

United Arab Emirates University, UAE

Email: muhammad.tahir@uaeu.ac.ae

Prof. Kelly Cristiane Gomes

Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil

Email: gomes@cear.ufpb.br

Dr. Omar Makram Kamel

Higher Institute of Eng. and Technology, Egypt

Email: eng_omk@hotmail.com

Dr. Qian Xudong

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Email: qianxudong@nus.edu.sg

Dr. Tan Chia Kwang

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Email: cktan@um.edu.my

Dr. G.Shanmugasundar

Sri Sai Ram Institute of Technology, India

Email: shanmugasundar.mech@sairamit.edu.in

Dr. Parita Basnet

Sikkim Institute of Science & Technology, India

Email: paritapyangs.pb@gmail.com

Dr. Huachao Yang

Zhejiang University, China

Email: huachao@zju.edu.cn

Dr. Ahasanul Hoque

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

Email: ahasanul@ukm.edu.my

Dr. Valerio De Santis

University of L'Aquila, Italy

Email: valerio.desantis@univaq.it

Prof. Alessandro Ruggiero

University of Salerno, Italy

Email: ruggiero@unisa.it

Dr. Monika Rai

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Email: monika.rai@ipv.uni-stuttgart.de

Dr. Haiwen Ge

Zhejiang Laboratory, Hangzhou, China

Email: heavengerc@gmail.com

Dr. Lorenzo Ricciardi Celsi

Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy

Email: ricciardicelsi@diag.uniroma1.it